Buy Veteran Membership

What is included with a paid membership?

First of all, thanks for your service to our country and thanks for your interest in joining the National
Veteran-Owned Business Association. Joining NaVOBA is smart decision to help grow your business and there is an
impressive assortment of benefits to membership. Most importantly is being part of a national organization that’s
succeeding in its mission to create opportunities for America’s 3+ million veteran-owned businesses.

Did you know that NaVOBA’s advocacy has helped grow the number of states across the country that have passed laws
creating opportunities in state contracting to 27? We’ve also seen the number of FORTUNE 500 companies that include
veteran-owned firms as preferred vendors in their supply chains double over the last 8 years. We also serve as a
watchdog, holding the federal government accountable for attaining the mandated 3% of federal contract dollars
required to be awarded to service-disabled, veteran-owned businesses.

Recent nationwide polling revealed that it’s not just the government and large corporations that want to Buy
Veteran – the average American consumer wants to Buy Veteran too! In fact, 68% of Americans surveyed said they’d
rather purchase from a veteran-owned business than a non-veteran-owned business. We also know that veteran-owned
businesses hire more veterans as employees, so everything NaVOBA does helps create opportunities for the brave
Americans, like you, that have honorably served this country.

To top it off, you’ll also receive:

  • Our exclusive Veteran-Owned Business Badge, both as a physical decal, and as a digital file.
  • A print and digital subscription to Vetrepreneur magazine.
  • The chance to connect with NaVOBA’s Corporate Members for contracting opportunities.
  • Access to our “How to Do Business With Corporate America” webinars.
  • Plus your business will be listed in the Buy Veteran database.
  • And you will have access to exclusive member benefit discount offers from many of our corporate partners.
  • Plus much more.

Finally, we’ll provide you with the training you need to truly capitalize on your membership and veteran-owned
business status, regardless if you want to land government or corporate contracts or simply grow your reach with
everyday Americans online or in your hometown.

Who is eligible to display the “Veteran-Owned Business” badge?

Veteran-Owned Business Badges will only be provided to NaVOBA members who have joined through the Buy Veteran
campaign. A NaVOBA member must be in good standing and have their membership dues current to be eligible to display
the Veteran-Owned Business Badge.

How do I get my “Veteran-Owned Business” badge to display on my website?

Along with the physical badge we send you in the mail for your storefront and business vehicles, your membership also includes the right to use our badge in its digital form. Feel free to use it on your website, social media accounts, business cards and more! To access the digital badge login to your account here. Once logged in, click the “Edit Company Profile” link, in the right hand column you will have the ability to download the badge.

Buy Veteran Movement

What is an SDVOSB?

A Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) is a business enterprise at least 51 percent owned and
controlled by a military veteran with a disability rating of at least 0 percent approved by the Department of
Veterans Affairs (VA).

How can I learn what all the acronyms and abbreviations relating to federal and corporate contracting mean?

Visit the NaVOBA Industry Lingo page.

What states have goals to buy from Veteran Owned Businesses like the federal government?

Visit the NaVOBA State Tracker page to learn which states are Vetrepreneur-friendly.

What corporations have goals to buy from veteran-owned businesses?

Visit the NaVOBA Corporate Members page.

How can I learn more about selling to the federal government?

Register with the VA’s Center for Veterans Enterprise and the federal
governnment’s System for Award Management at, if you haven’t done so
already. Vetrepreneur also covers federal contracting regularly from our staff of experts.


Can I just subscribe to the magazine?

Yes, anyone who knows a vetrepreneur and wants to gift a subscription or membership, or folks who simply want to
keep up-to-date on the veteran’s entrepreneurship movement can sign up for both a print or digital subscription.

If you work for a Government agency, you are eligible to purchase discounted bulk subscriptions or individual
subscriptions. Please email us at, for our special
GSA bulk rate.

Current veteran business owners must join
to receive the magazine.

I recently joined but have not received my magazine yet?

Generally, your first issue will arrive within 6-8 weeks. If you still haven’t received it after this timeframe or have additional questions regarding your magazine subscription please contact our Customer Service at

I recently moved but my magazine has not forwarded?

USPS will not forward Vetrepreneur magazine. Please remember to update your address in your profile.

Payment Questions

What address should I use in my credit card profile?

Please use the billing address on file with your credit card company or bank.

I received an error while trying to sign-up?

Incorrect billing addresses are our most common errors. It is necessary to use your credit card billing address in
the “Order Information” section. Re-submit after making the necessary changes. If you continue to have problems,
please contact us at

What are my payment options?

Check/Money orders and most major credits cards are accepted.

How can I change or update my credit card on file?

Contact our customer service team at 412-269-1663 x164.

Can I pay by check?

Yes, memberships can be paid with a check/Money order. Please make checks payable to: NaVOBA. Please mail to
NaVOBA, P.O. Box 26, Sewickley, PA 15143.

Membership Auto-Renewal

How does the auto renewal process work?

Your credit card will be automatically debited for the membership price every month or year, depending on which plan you signed up for. With the auto renewal plan,
you will receive continuous service without interruptions. For further details, please view the auto-renewal

Will I receive a bill each month?

No, you will not receive a bill. With the auto renewal plan, you will simply receive continuous service without

Can I participate in Auto-Renewal using Check or EFT?

No, only debit/credit card payments are accepted for Auto-Renew.

What happens if my credit card can’t be charged when the card is scheduled for auto-renewal?

NaVOBA will attempt to charge your credit card on file. If this attempt fails due to inaccurate credit card
information, we will attempt to process your card for a period up to thirty (30) days. If you do not provide an
updated credit card which NaVOBA can process successfully, your account will not be automatically renewed. Your
account will be placed on suspension after thirty (30) days of nonpayment and any Company Profiles listed on Buy Veteran will be downgraded to free listings.

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Is this website secure?

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What is the Buy Veteran privacy policy?

You can view our entire privacy policy here.